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Window Paintings – NaBloPo Day 5

Preparing for winter...

Preparing for winter…

Windows are paintings framed by their sills and one of the wonderful things about window paintings is their constantly changing nature.  As the world outside changes, moment by moment, we are gifted with fresh new paintings.  Or we simply need to change our position, view them from a different perspective and we are told an entirely different story.

For the last several days my stairway window painting is inhabited with squirrels, first one and now two, munching on the seed pods left by the autumn tree.

photo (12)

They are busy preparing their bodies for a long, lean winter and I’m glad to see their bodies becoming plumper as they slowly nibble the branches clean.  Even though my sister has a strong dislike for squirrels, saying they remind her of rats with fluffy tails, I’ve always rather liked them.  And having had many close encounters with rats living in the port city of Vancouver, I can say there is a vast difference between fluffy tails and fat scaly tails….and I’ll take a fluffy one any day!

can you spot the second squirrel?

can you spot the second squirrel?

I sit on the window seat and watch the squirrels for a while.  Close enough to almost reach out and touch them if the window were not there, but the drive to fill their stomachs is much stronger than any fear they might feel because of my proximity and they continue crunching.

It makes me happy to know that something I planted is able to nourish so many creatures in so many different ways.  May we all be like my window painting tree….


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What Would You Say if You Had Fifteen Minutes to Live?

You just discovered you have fifteen minutes to live.
1. Set a timer for fifteen minutes.
2. Write the story that has to be written.

Bad picture of beautiful painting by my friend Carole Arnston

Love.  Keep your heart open to love.  No matter who or what hurts you, do what is needed to integrate that hurt into your being and forgive.  Don’t turn away from pain.  Don’t close the door and pretend it didn’t happen because your body never forgets.  Feelings left unfelt become ticking time bombs and manifest as illnesses.  Forgiveness takes cultivating.  You must be gentle with you tend compassion so it will grow outwards from you and touch another.  It begins with a choice to see the good in everything and everybody.

So walk into the dark unknown – it’s really not as scary as it appears and there are so many gifts to find!  Be courageous in all aspects of life, but most of all in living in the truth.  Your truth.  Not someone else’s idea of what your truth should be.  And not the illusion of another’s truth.  Take the time to separate the threads of story and fact, but do it mindfully and without judgment.  It is what it is.

Hug.  Hugs are important.  Hug your family and your friends.  Hug strangers if they look like they need it…but perhaps ask permission first.  Tell people you love them, especially your family and friends.  Always end conversations with “Love you.”  Who have you neglected in your life?  Who do you mean to call and you keep putting it off?  Call them now.  Stop reading and pick up the phone and reach out to them.

Remember we are all connected.  Long after I’m gone, long after you’re gone, we are all still here.  Energy never leaves, it simply transforms.  I feel you inside me right now…..I am inside you right now.  I am thankful for every single person who came into my life.  Each and every person changed me.  The deepest hurts and transgressions have fertilized my greatest growth and from it sprouted the seeds of compassion.

It all starts with and comes back to Love.  Endeavour to make everything you do and say be grounded in the intention of love.  And then remember the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

* Please take a moment to learn more about Carole Arnston, a highly gifted artist!


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