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Celebrating Mothers

My mom, my daughter and me - three generations!

My mom, my daughter and me – three generations!

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with my first born eating a grilled cheese sandwich beside me and my mom at the stove cooking up a big batch of her famous stew.  Outside waits a flat of perennials to transplant into my patio pots when the rain lets up.  This is Mother’s Day at her best!

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This weekend we’ve been celebrating the life of my sister-in-law’s mother, who passed from this life just over a week ago.  I’ve known and loved her for as long as I’ve known and loved my sister-in-law and will miss her grand, elegant, yet irreverent presence in our lives.  So many relatives and friends gathered in Danny and Jane’s back yard, under the sun and then under tents when the rain began, talking, laughing and crying as we connected and shared stories.  A slide show of pictures looped continuously just inside off the deck and a “Best Mom in the World” book lay on a table, full of more pictures of Judy.  More laughter and memories.  Love.




I’m so grateful to have my mother in my life and to live close enough to come visit.  To laugh and talk and share stories of her life growing up; of my life growing up.  I think of other mothers who are no longer here with us, who are still loved and still present in our minds.

Every day is Mother’s Day, but today is so much more than a day to buy flowers and cards.  It’s a powerful reminder of love and gratitude.  Of the essential import of the sustenance of the feminine.  We are reminded that “mother” is a verb, not a noun.

My favourite quote from my mom is: “Oh, forever more!” Because that is the core essence of a mother….forever more hugs, forever more love, forever more forgiveness….

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.  ~Honoré de Balzac



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To Mamma With Love

As I head out to brunch to celebrate Mothers Day with three of my four children I can’t help but think of all of the mothers and women across the world who aren’t as fortunate to live in a place like Canada.  Where equality between women and men, boys and girls are a given.  Where health care and a good education is free and readily available for both my daughters and my sons.
I am short on time and time is of the essence so I am copying and pasting words from another incredible woman – Marianne Elliott (@zenpeacekeeper).  Please take the time to read and to donate.  Please take the time to honour and help other mothers and woman across the world!
Much love and Gratitude,
It’s already Mothers Day here in New Zealand and Australia. My mum lives too far away for anything but a phone call, but today I was able celebrate mothers day by babysitting for a friend so she could get some mama-time-out to play with her Sunday afternoon soccer team.
What I’d also LOVE would be to celebrate Mothers Day by reaching our goals for the To Mama With Love fundraiser.
We found out yesterday afternoon that Hopeful World Publishing has decided to make a $5,000 matching gift IF To Mama With Love manages to raise $20,000 by Mother’s Day – tomorrow, May 8 – at 11:59p EST.

And if we raise $5000 just for Suraya by Mothers Day ( tomorrow at 11.59p EST) then she will also get to share a quarter of the total funds raised by To Mama With Love. That could double what we have to give Suraya and make a HUGE difference to the shelters.

So I’m writing once more to ask you to invest your love at (that special link should mean that your donation goes to Suraya) or, if you prefer to keep things simple you can contribute via this ChipIn and I’ll add all those funds to Suraya’s total myself.
If you’ve already donated, thank you, I’m so grateful.
We’ve so far raised $1700 for Suraya and more than $15,000 althogether through To Mama With Love.
My heart is set on raising $5000 for Suraya by the end of tomorrow. That will help ensure that the total passes $20,000 and we get the matching $5000 grant AND it will make sure that Suraya gets to share in the overall funds raised on the To Mama With Love site. So we need to raise another $3300 in just over 24 hours. I know we can do it.
Thanks so much,
PS: It’s also my birthday this weekend. If you were thinking it would be nice to give me something for my birthday this would be it: a donation in Suraya’s name.  😉

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