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Window Paintings – NaBloPo Day 5

Preparing for winter...

Preparing for winter…

Windows are paintings framed by their sills and one of the wonderful things about window paintings is their constantly changing nature.  As the world outside changes, moment by moment, we are gifted with fresh new paintings.  Or we simply need to change our position, view them from a different perspective and we are told an entirely different story.

For the last several days my stairway window painting is inhabited with squirrels, first one and now two, munching on the seed pods left by the autumn tree.

photo (12)

They are busy preparing their bodies for a long, lean winter and I’m glad to see their bodies becoming plumper as they slowly nibble the branches clean.  Even though my sister has a strong dislike for squirrels, saying they remind her of rats with fluffy tails, I’ve always rather liked them.  And having had many close encounters with rats living in the port city of Vancouver, I can say there is a vast difference between fluffy tails and fat scaly tails….and I’ll take a fluffy one any day!

can you spot the second squirrel?

can you spot the second squirrel?

I sit on the window seat and watch the squirrels for a while.  Close enough to almost reach out and touch them if the window were not there, but the drive to fill their stomachs is much stronger than any fear they might feel because of my proximity and they continue crunching.

It makes me happy to know that something I planted is able to nourish so many creatures in so many different ways.  May we all be like my window painting tree….


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Musings Day Two (NaBloPoMo) or The Uninspired Title

I’m sitting in my lounge chair nestled into the bay window in the family room.  The fridge is humming and although the TV is off I can still hear the electricity buzzing through the cable box, which makes me want to move to the quiet cocoon of the living room. 

But there is something about sitting surrounded by the outside just beyond the windows…being warm and dry while the rain pounds down outside.  I glance to my left and am suddenly inside a painting; the colours of the trees so vibrant and alive I can hardly breath for the beauty of it.  Not for the first time do I wish I could paint.  I’d take a picture to show you, but it’s so warm and cozy inside and so wet and cold outside…you’ll have to make do with some I took a couple of days ago while sitting in this exact same spot, a spot that’s rapidly turning into my favourite writing space!

My view without the rain

My view without the rain

Add a filter to enhance the effect....

Add a filter to enhance the effect….

The windowsill becomes my desk and viola!

The windowsill becomes my desk and viola!

And now that I’ve procrastinated long enough to muse, time to get started on writing my actual project….if only the words would stream down into me like the rain outside…




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Cantering Into The Writing

First day of *NaNoMo (although here on Optimystical it’s NaBloPoMoNational Blog Posting Month) and more than a little bit of uncertainty flows through my being.  Will I be able to keep my commitment to myself?  Will my inherent lazy procrastination throw her weight around and will I end this month exactly where I began it; full of doubts, indecision and nothing written?

Of course I’m struck by the ridiculousness of this.  I am the one holding the reins and I can gallop ahead into the unknown, choosing to feel the exhilaration of discovery and adventure, trusting in my own knowing.  Or I can pull back to an almost standstill and trot in ever-endless circles, afraid that I don’t know enough, haven’t acquired the right skills, circling and circling the trench deeper and deeper….  You get the idea.

Funny, the horse image coming to me but I love it.  I am remembering when my daughter was learning to ride and her strong fear to transition from the trotting she knew so well to the faster paced canter.  Her inability to trust her very obvious inherent talent and capability to control her pony and sit the canter was holding her back from moving forward to a more joyful experience, and her frustration was growing.  I even suggested that she quit riding for a while, but her determination to succeed was stronger than her fear and as I watched, my little seven-year old daughter became my teacher.

Meghan and Coppertop on their way to another Championship

Meghan and Coppertop on their way to another Championship

Her fierce persistence prevailed and she went on to become an internationally ranked equestrian and to amass Tupperware tubs full of championship titles and ribbons.  (tubs that have finally moved from my garage to her own!)

And so I begin, with the vision of my four greatest teachers in my mind and every time I think of quitting, I will look at them, dig in my heels and carry on.

My children, my teachers

My children, my teachers

*NaNoMo is ‘National Novel writing Month’ – and although I’m not writing a piece of fiction I’m adopting and adapting this initiative to propel me to write the book I’ve been muddling with.  The muddling is finished and the writing begins!

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