I am many things – an actor…filmmaker….writer…activist….stand-up vower of peace…evolving consciousness….mother of four.  I practice many things – patience….mediation….yoga….pilates….breathing….living in the moment….but I NEVER practice perfection.  My mantra is: To Show What Is Possible.  Please join me on my journey and share with me moments on yours.  Together we can walk alone and share the light.

There will be several regular cast members on my blog and many more recurring roles.  Each one will become more fully developed as the story unfolds….


15 responses to “About

  1. Terri,
    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading you blog post and learning what you are seeing and experiencing.

  2. Braden O'Neill

    Hey, this is awesome! I can’t wait for my own character to unfold before me (assuming I am one)…I wonder if he will be the same person I imagined…Seriously though, this is captivating and I can’t wait for the next post. Proud of you,

  3. P Lynn

    sigh…..beautiful my dear friend….what a privilege it has been and continues to be, to watch you unfold and fill the space of creativity and possibility! I am honored to share in your journey!! Love

  4. Lynne

    Thoughtful. Beautiful. Graceful. So glad I found this, my friend. You continue to amaze me. Much love…

  5. S. Angele

    Lovely, insightful posts. I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thank you for your kind comment! My hope in sharing is to show one path to awareness and perhaps healing…..and blogging helps me in my writing practice! I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  6. Jim

    Honored to travel your path. Thank you for leaving this trail to follow.

    Live life,

  7. Gary

    What I am now enjoying about my own “discoveries,” is that it’s about things that have been there all along. Great to witness you discover the things that you need in the moment. Onward!

  8. lovely to meet you and explore your blog!!

  9. Barb

    Wow more Spirit uncovered!
    Where have I been?
    I am awed — and I am inspired to do a marathon read.


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