Cutting The Grass With Scissors



Yesterday I cut the grass. Literally. With scissors.

I returned home after being away for most of the last three months to find my wee yard a tiny verdant jungle full of butterflies and happy, buzzing bees. A few things had burned to a crisp, but the small patch of grass had grown way too high for my makeshift lawnmower to cut.


Plus it had encroached into the flowerbed and I didn’t want to risk cutting any cherished blossoms.

And so I spent the afternoon sitting contentedly on a folded towel, slowly cutting the grass one snip at a time. This is what I discovered.

I loved it. Not that I want to cut my grass every time this way, but spending the time sitting and slowly cutting became very meditative. I allowed my mind to wander and daydream, something I don’t do often enough these days. Sometimes doing almost nothing is exactly what one needs.

I felt like a child again. How often do you just sit on the grass, barely doing anything? Not reading a book. Not weeding. Not making lists or even thinking of making lists.

Instead, I felt the ground beneath me. I watched a yellow butterfly dance amongst the lavender. I listened to the bees. I moved an earthworm to safer territory.


I pretended I was cutting hair. I talked to the hydrangea like we were best friends. I swept the flagstones with my hands, softly brushing the grass clippings together like I was nine-years old playing house.

I slowed down. I stopped doing and became a human Being


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5 responses to “Cutting The Grass With Scissors

  1. I love it, Terri! While reading this I was right there with you, except I would have worn gloves brushing the flagstones☺. I can totally relate. As a child, my favorite magical place was a under a large bush in front on the apartment building. Maggie (my best friend) and I would play for hours, basking in the innocence and wonder of just Being in nature. I go there often in my mind and Heart. Thank you for this gift, this morning. See you at Omega😍. Pam

    • Thank you Pam!
      My secret hideaway (one of them) was under the canopy of the bushes growing over the ditch alongside the road. A perfect make-believe house. 🙂

  2. Alice Lewis

    A beautiful story, my Terri and wonderfully written.

  3. I was moved to recall childhood places of comfort and well being and simplicity. Thank you for sharing the reminder of the key to those in the now.

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