Queen of Sunset By The Sea

1J6A6795I’m soaking in bath oil and Epsom salt and listening to the song my house sings. The way the rain sounds on the roof, the three clicks the furnace makes before it lurches into life, the way it somehow, sometimes, strangely sounds exactly like a garage door opening beneath me. These sounds wrap themselves around me like a well-worn quilt, comforting me with their deep familiarity.

I’m moving in two weeks. To my new-to-me little 1938 cottage above the sea. The one that is half the size of my current home and twice as old. The one that I’ve just spent almost $10,000 to replace old clay pipes. Pipes that were so past the time of replacement, so root-bound, clogged and crumbling that raw sewage backed up into the downstairs tub. Did I mention how gross it was? How unsanitary and unhealthy? How incredibly yucky?



Tree roots love water and sewage

Tree roots love water and sewage

This impending move has already offered me so many gifts of growth. Opportunities to shed the last vestiges of my Damsel in Distress and to realize more and more of my own power. What used to rock me off my feet no longer even causes me to wobble. I am standing strong as the compassionate and benevolent Queen, boundaries firmly set.

In many ways I’ve been preparing for this transition my entire life. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have shivers of trepidation at times. Remember the backed up sewer? I’m about to spend another three thousand dollars, this time correcting electrical deficiencies. Two sudden, large expenses and I can’t help wondering how many more loom in front of me.

I’ve grown solid in my Queendom, my cloak of empowerment is ever-present and rather than feeling anxious and upset at each unexpected discovery, I simply took the steps needed to move forward. Called the plumber. Talked to the previous homeowner. Fixed the problem.

I listen to the music this house makes as I walk through the empty cottage, measuring and taping where my furniture might fit. The creaks in the floorboards with each step I take, the sound of the passing car through the single-pane windows, the rain tap dancing on the bedroom skylight. Soon these unfamiliar sounds will soothe me into a new-felt safety. I’m coming home to my Self.

My new view!

My new view!


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7 responses to “Queen of Sunset By The Sea

  1. Dear Terri,
    Do you know the story of Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney? Her wise of grandfather told her that she must do three things in her life. She must see the world, she must do something to make it more beautiful, and she must find a cottage by the sea to settle into. No matter how far you have traveled, you have see the world like no one else, through your art and your children and your positive energy you have made it a more beautiful place, and now you have found your cottage by the sea! What a perfect way to start the New Year. I wish you peace and comfort and joy in your new home.

    • I love this Naomi! Thank you so much….It has really helped me settle in here amidst the wind and the rain. And I can’t wait to read all about Miss Rumphius! I can already picture her in my mind…

  2. A lovely vignette of what it feels like to transition into the SELF you want to be. Good wishes for an easy transition with many joyful adventures that bring you joy.

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