The Discovery of Writing

What treasures lay hidden right out in the open?

What treasures lay hidden right out in the open?

When I meditated this morning I asked for guidance on what was stopping me.  The answer came to me from my beloved Inner Being who reminded me that writing should be a form of discovery.  Just like when I’m onstage playing to be in the moment, not simply reciting the memorized lines, but instead, discovering afresh each new line as it comes to me.  Memorize the words, do the work and then let it go.  Let the audience see the discovery happen.  This is what engages, connects and makes the performance so much more powerful.

Marion Bridge rehearsals...

Marion Bridge rehearsals…

I need to strive to do the same thing with my writing.  When I know the story, because I’ve lived it, it’s the same thing as having memorized the lines of the play.  I need to allow myself to wander through at random and not worry about what came first. The linear aspects of the story.  Blurred lines and muddy waters.  Simply swim through those waters and see what weeds get tangled in my thoughts.




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