Clogged With Transformation


Writing these days is like swimming in muddy water.  Water full of word-tangling weeds that clog my thoughts as the slimey snakes of fear slither by.  I hate snakes.

It’s ironic (or maybe it’s not) that so many sinks in my house are also blocked and when I think “there’s no such thing as coincidence,” I wonder if I can call a plumber to snake my word clogs too.

Snake my clogs.  Interesting phrase that flowed from my fingers without my editing.


I look with a metaphorical eye at what I’ve written and laugh – snakes have long symbolized transformation.  I’m clogged with transformation and now I love my backed up pipes.  Patience, perseverance and practice will allow the water words to flow cleanly and with a little physical help the sinks in my house will drain as well.

Allowance is the key here. I’ve got to let go of the oars of trying and trust in the flow of the river.  A slow moving river is still moving.


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