I’ve Turned Into A Crystal Lady

photo (19)

My crystals missed the sun today and were, instead, soaking in their bath of mineral water and Alaskan Sea Salt while the sun was shining.  By the time I got them outside and nestled into the grass out by the rock wall the cloud cover had taken over.  In Vancouver in November, you have to be fast to catch the sun, but I figured the little crystal family would still enjoy some time sitting in nature.

photo (18)

I never thought I would one day be a ‘crystal lady’ but here I am.  It started with my first pilgrimage to Brazil and has continued with my second pilgrimage.  I’ve even turned my children into crystal people, bringing them each home their own meditation crystals.

photo (22)Whether you believe in the vibrational healing qualities of crystals or not, you have to agree that they’re beautiful….


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