Meet Yogi Ninja Bear – NaBloPoMo Day 6

This is Yogi Ninja Bear….

A hard recovery....

A hard recovery….

Doing what all good Ninja’s do after a morning spent chasing birds and tennis balls and tearing the cotton stuffing out of…pretty much anything that has cotton stuffing for internal organs.

photo (17)This is Bailey, you’ve met her before, in a glamour shot taken just after the ride home from the bird chasing adventure.  Bailey is Yogi’s aunt, so to speak.  A role she sometimes just barely tolerates.  It’s hard to maintain patience and compassion when you’re niece keeps eating your favourite toys.

photo (16)This is where Yogi likes to spend her downtime – in front of the window painting that features the nibbling squirrels.

Hiking the East Coast Trail

Hiking the East Coast Trail

This is what Yogi likes best – being outside doing anything…


Most especially with her favourite people on earth….John and Kate.



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