Rambling Thoughts and Random Photos

My son bungee dropping. Random Photo to pull you into the text although it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is written... :)

My son bungee dropping. Random Photo to pull you into the text although it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is written… 🙂

So here’s the thing.  I’ve been neglecting my blog…you might have noticed.  The more I didn’t write the bigger the not writing grew until it became a behemoth sitting on my shoulders, pinching my neck and paralyzing my fingers.  Even now I can feel the numbness creeping in, backspacing, deleting and editing before the words rest on the page.

The perfect photo must be found to match the carefully constructed sentences.  The writing was pushed aside while I spent hours scrolling through hundreds of photographs.  Hundreds of unsorted, unorganized photographs.  I longed for the days before digital cameras.

Slowly I realized that writing had become a chore, heavy lifting required.  I left my blog posts half-written, lying around like lost socks gathering dust on the floor between the washer and dryer.  I cleaned around them, sorted and resorted papers and magazines into first one pile, and then another.  Other people’s words cluttering my mind and clogging my inspiration.  I dance around the words but can’t feel their music.

So I have a plan.  A drain-cleaner of sorts.  I need to begin writing again, to let the song of the story sing through my fingers.  Make mistakes.  Use bad grammar, ugly metaphors and let my ugly duckling turn into a turkey.  I Desire to write more and to rediscover my joy in writing.

My Intention is to write everyday and use this daily deadline to help strengthen my Will.  Desire, Intention and Will all lead towards Destiny.

Let this be your head’s up that the Optimystical onslaught is about to begin!  And know that my feelings won’t be hurt if you hit the delete button without reading because I’m doing this for me (aren’t we always, though?) to clear my clogged arteries, although your support and encouragement will be received with loving, open arms 🙂

My open-heart surgery will be called Rambling Thoughts and Random Photos and with luck and persistence, there will be plenty of blood spilling onto the page…

Btw – My official start date is November 1st.  Not because I’m lazy (although I am) or because I’m a wee bit afraid (although I might be) but because I’m heading out of town on Sunday for two weeks at a healing/meditation retreat.  Ommmmmm….

Random Photo #1 - My mom with Suki (aka Little Cat) and Bailey

Random Photo #1 – My mom with Suki (aka Little Cat) and Bailey


October 9, 2013 · 3:06 pm

8 responses to “Rambling Thoughts and Random Photos

  1. Mom

    You are SUCH a good writer! I don’t remember writing being at the top of your list of accomplishments as you were growing up — but perhaps you have saved it all for NOW! Writing does seem to go with your artisic talents in your performing career, but Terri, I am absolutely blown away and just so excited about this side of your accomplishments.

    Have to add that I kinda like the first photo you chose — we all look rather relaxed!

    Keep up the writing and I await each ‘spurt’ with great pride and enjoyment!
    Luv, Mom

    • Thanks Mom!

      I remember writing my very first short story at the table on the farm when I was about 9 or t0 years old. It was about a boy who ran away from home and stayed in a cave up in the mountain past the cemetery…It was three and a half legal size pages long, which I thought was pretty darn long.

      And my grad present was an electric typewriter….which I wish I still had!


  2. Hi Terri,
    So good to see your post in my inbox! Welcome back. I look forward to reading more. That photo of your son is awesome!

  3. Looking forward to your rambling thoughts and random photos Terri!
    Til then, have a wonderful retreat 🙂

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