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The Alchemist Within

Sunrise over the lake. Kate O'Neill photo

Sunrise over the lake.
Kate O’Neill photo

I’m sitting at my makeshift desk on the deck at the lake.  Down below I can see the back of my niece Lauren as she relaxes on the dock.  A quiet breeze is brushing through the branches of the trees and rhythmically lapping the water onto the shale rock shore.  The perfect background music for writing.

I was fortunate enough to realize a long-held dream last summer when I purchased this piece of heaven on Shuswap Lake not far from where I spent many happy years growing up and where my mom still lives.  It’s a bit rough and ready, but it came with a couple RV’s that are just perfect for the warm summer months, and even the cooler and rainier book-end weather.  Plans are underway for a more permanent all-season cabin in the near future, but for now my plastic patio table desk is sublime.

photo (5)I feel a bit like a kid at an overlarge desk because even propped up on a pillow my laptop is still chest high.  Bailey is perched behind me, removing all possibility of simply reclining, mesmerized by the view and sounds of nature that has become my writing studio.

Image credit: raywoo / 123RF Stock PhotoMy dream within this dream is to write the book on my Forgiveness journey.  I’ve been writing, in splits and splots, but now I think I’ve finally found the structure that will hold the splatter of what has been feeling like a rorschach test in writing.

By sharing this here, I’m invoking the powerful Alchemist archetype within me to transmute the ephemeral of the Dream into the more palpable Intention.  My Will will carry me through to the gold of Destiny.

And now I’m off to stack a few logs….

photo (6)


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