Celebrating Mothers

My mom, my daughter and me - three generations!

My mom, my daughter and me – three generations!

I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with my first born eating a grilled cheese sandwich beside me and my mom at the stove cooking up a big batch of her famous stew.  Outside waits a flat of perennials to transplant into my patio pots when the rain lets up.  This is Mother’s Day at her best!

photo (11)

This weekend we’ve been celebrating the life of my sister-in-law’s mother, who passed from this life just over a week ago.  I’ve known and loved her for as long as I’ve known and loved my sister-in-law and will miss her grand, elegant, yet irreverent presence in our lives.  So many relatives and friends gathered in Danny and Jane’s back yard, under the sun and then under tents when the rain began, talking, laughing and crying as we connected and shared stories.  A slide show of pictures looped continuously just inside off the deck and a “Best Mom in the World” book lay on a table, full of more pictures of Judy.  More laughter and memories.  Love.




I’m so grateful to have my mother in my life and to live close enough to come visit.  To laugh and talk and share stories of her life growing up; of my life growing up.  I think of other mothers who are no longer here with us, who are still loved and still present in our minds.

Every day is Mother’s Day, but today is so much more than a day to buy flowers and cards.  It’s a powerful reminder of love and gratitude.  Of the essential import of the sustenance of the feminine.  We are reminded that “mother” is a verb, not a noun.

My favourite quote from my mom is: “Oh, forever more!” Because that is the core essence of a mother….forever more hugs, forever more love, forever more forgiveness….

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.  ~Honoré de Balzac


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2 responses to “Celebrating Mothers

  1. Hi Terri–
    I can barely stand to look at your sister’s mom-in-law’s photos, they are so full of life and love. It makes me cry because I miss my own mom so much. But that is the price we pay, no? The pain and the joy are impossibly intertwined. Thanks for your sweet note and nice to meet you, even if only virtually!

    • Pain and joy are intermingled, yes…to keep the door open to joy, we must also feel the pain that life offers. By sitting in our pain compassion grows and joy reappears.

      I’m sorry the photos of Judy brought you closer to your own pain, but I hope the tears you shed might help your healing in some small way….I know the pain of losing a parent…

      Thank you for opening your heart! I look forward to getting to know you better 🙂


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