My Yoga Truth

I gently lower myself until I’m hanging upside down suspended in the sling and tilt my pelvis to slide my butt up the wall until I feel the solid surface against my back.  My knees are deeply bent open and my feet are wound around the straps to stop me from falling onto my head, although it almost brushes my mat on the floor.  I’m nearing the end of my Tuesday morning 90-minute hatha class with Chris and challenging my fear and changing my perspective with inversion poses – with the help of straps, sling and the wall.

My mind's picture! 🙂

I’ve practiced yoga off and on for over ten years but have never succeeded in establishing anything close to a regular practice.  I have a hard time explaining why I haven’t or even figuring it out myself.  I’ve tried many times, many places and spaces but nothing stuck.  The classes were always too late or too early or too something.  Or they conflicted with my practice of choice – pilates.

So I was pleasantly surprised to recognize recently that not only did I want a regular yoga practice but actually yearned for one.  I tip toed into the concept carefully, ever so slightly concerned that if I spoke too loudly, questioned too closely or walked too quickly, I would scare away the yen.

I suspect it points back to a long held-dream realized that awakened and stirred something deep inside me.  After a year and a half of preparation, strong intention and even stronger commitment and work my Theatre of Infinity birthed it’s first production earlier this year – Daniel McIvor’s Marion Bridge.  At the same time I followed Annie Q’s (@so_you_know) wondrous writing about her deepening yoga practice with Marco Rojas.

It’s amazing what strong intention and commitment can create.  For me it brought an emerging awareness that I wanted to cultivate a more contemplative life.  That it was necessary in order to do the writing I was feeling more and more compelled to do.  Bringing forth the truth with compassion takes compassion and it begins with myself.

This time around my yoga practice is simply a result of my growing spiritual practice.  My classes with Chris have prepared me for my nascent home practice with Marianne Elliott (@zenpeacekeeper).  Complimentary.  I practice with compassion and gratitude and sometimes with just a bit of fear.  But I practice!


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7 responses to “My Yoga Truth

  1. I am so honored, surprised, and touched that you would mention me. More than that, I am really excited that you have deepened your commitment to the practice. I too learned in 30 days that commitment simply means bringing myself to the mat and whatever else happens thereafter is and isn’t in my control. That ‘bringing oneself to the mat’ I learned from Marianne, of course. And it has carried over to writing, living, connecting, accepting.

    I am grateful to be connected to your journey.


    ~a. Q.

  2. The honour is mine dear Annie Q! I can already feel the commitment blending over to other areas of my life and look forward to the joy of unknowing.


  3. Hi Terri, my sister is a yoga teacher in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it has been a lifetime of discipline with obvious benefits. All the best to you!

  4. So glad I came to this post…much of it resonates with me – particularly the (sometimes slow) pull of our intentions. It’s such a gorgeous unfolding when things finally manifest in the physical plane, after we’ve been working on them in the non-physical. Two thumbs up to you!

  5. Thank you so much for the visit and the thumbs up Julianna! – although I hardly feel deserving of them (the up-turned thumbs) since I seem to have lost both my yoga practice (Chris moved….) and manifesting my intentions. Perhaps this reminder of my own post is just what I need!

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